Delivery of hookah nanosmoke

упаковка кальянов nanosmoke
упаковка кальянов nanosmoke

Delivery of Nanosmoke hookahs carried out in a box of high-durability cardboard. The national delivery service of the SDEK, and the international through the mail company – EMS Russia.

High-durability box contains Nanosmoke hookah with a cup, Kaloud Lotus, hose, light and beautiful white packaging. Thick (5mm) reinforced cardboard has three layers. None of the hookah has bee broken nor crashed in last 3 years. Size of the box is: 12 * 24 * 30 cm and it has a weighs of 1.5 kg for the full set.

Shipping costs for hookah is very low and the cost of renting warehouse too. Thus with us you are getting a very good value for your money. To place an order, you do not need to specify the passport data, but rather the name, mobile number. Furthermore, we coordinate address by phone. Nanosmoke always in stock. We ship every day, so you can not worry about the delays.

To save time, you can use our website to order: link and choose the most convenient point of delivery. This delivery method is the fastest, and you can pick up your hookah for just 10 days. Also do not need the whole day to sit at home and wait for the courier. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, logistic is free. And other cities are quite inexpensive. Our price includes the cost of insurance of cargo, and the additional package described above, as well as delivery commission upon receipt.

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