Nanosmoke hookah – official website

This is the official website for NanoSmoke. Our company’s story begins back in 2012 when shisha market was almost 90% saturated with Syrians’ and Egyptians’ shishas, like it was 100 years ago. The original concept was to completely rethink the conventional design, but leave the process of using a charcoal and shisha flavour as they are. The plan was to design something not for wholesale but rather as an experience and can be exhibited in an art event or added as a portfolio items for the creator. First two prototypes were extremely expensive and resources inefficient. However, thanks to Alexey Ilin Andreevich, who specialises in wholesale product design, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of production and achieve the retails price of P600 oppose to initial P3000.

The complete package included:

  • LED lightning system with a remote control
  • Self-made prototype of Kaloud Lotus
  • Transparent hues made of medicine silicon
  • Transparent glass pipe
  • Shisha head from third party

Then this project was approved as pre subject for the dissertation for St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. A year later, hookahs NANOSMOKE been fully worked out and finalised, including aspects as economy and aesthetic. More high-speed and non-waste way of manufacturing were developed, the project was born of a new silicone cup, which works as an adapter for clay or fruit cup, you just insert the connector in its centre. The new method was designed to accommodate the canter diode backlight chassis to Hookah NanoSmoke «shone inside”, and the light element is hidden, it does not have any contact with water. After Alex’s project has been approved by St. Petersburg Union of designers, he, as the founder of a successful project, immediately continued it as a start up business.

Then came the endless changes and adjustments: position of the holes on the top cover, the search for optimal materials for the kit to be the most durable and of good quality. Then there was a possibility of making bowls and hoses at different design, and above all the most – ability to produce vivid colours. Heat resistance and durability at the same time remained at the same high quality level. By popular demand company have abandoned glass and plastic mouthpieces, and began to make their own. They are perfect in design and overall as a concept, as well as do not brake and do not damage the teeth during operation.

To date, company created a whole line of products, which can be found on the online shop hookahs nanosmoke. Each model has its own characteristics, its own philosophy: the manufacturer gives the opportunity to choose the colour and packaging that will allow client to purchase depending on their own preferences.